July 20, 2011


It's perfect here. We have four new lambs and one new sheep, and the alpacas are completely happy. The morning after we brought them to the farm, I was dreaming about being in the new pasture. There was deer netting covering the whole thing so I had to crawl underneath. All of the sheep ran up to me and started introducing themselves. I only remember one name... Samantha. So it's settled, that's her name. We named her brother Silas. Do you have any ideas for the other little boys? We're still unsure.
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July 15, 2011

die packing, die

Our cabin is only 650 square feet. How in the world is there still have so much crap to put in boxes? Let the battle ensue. Victory is mine!
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July 13, 2011

peachy-keen on chipmunks

Breezy Willow Farm gave us two crates of peaches and a grocery bag of cherries. Praise the lawd! Our freezer is beginning to look full again!

In our new yard, there are several old peach and apple trees. They have not been cared for in years, so the peaches are all tiny and mostly rotting. I feel very lucky to be able to prune them this coming fall. Pruning is so exciting. Just today, we pulled up a bunch of sharp vines and wild rose bushes. The backyard is slowly coming together. You can see the clothesline now!

On a more disgusting note, as I wrote the words above, Jamie finished boxing up all of our books, dismantled the shelves, and was horrified to discover the hardened carcass of a chipmunk. I mean, this thing looks mummified. I remember last summer, the scent of rotting animal wafted around the house for a few weeks. We were baffled though, since we had torn the entire house apart and found nothing. It must be in the crawlspace, we decided. It was inaccessible. But no, it was between the wall and the cinder-block supporting our books for over a year. I feel like a failed housekeeper. Gross.
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an edumacation party

It was so nice to spend some time with my family.  When I was really little, I would spend whole summers with my cousins. I miss them so much. Come on teleportation device, get here faster! Some things I want to remember:

jumbo-marshmallowy kid-hands
waking up in a tent
a quilt and flannel sheets
perfect temperature
chickens bawking
chicken earrings
horse drinking Jamie's coffee
blackberries in the early morning dew
outdoor shower
grandma's sweaters
papa's patience
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July 8, 2011

harold's garden

 Last weekend I ventured to our neighbor's garden and got to explore it in complete peace. I had been offered onions, peppers, and zucchini. Nobody was home. I'm not often completely alone. It felt nice to just wander and take pictures. That's my absolute favorite thing to do in the world. This garden was so beautiful too. Look at those amazing trellises!
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July 7, 2011

We're moving next weekend! We're moving next weekend! We're moving next weekend! GAH!
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July 5, 2011


My dreams have been incredibly symbolic recently. (Might it have anything to do with this Twin Peaks marathon month?) One morning last week I woke up with the phrase "the green fly fell asleep on the hot dog." While that may not be the prettiest of visualizations, it's remained planted in my mind ever since. It has to mean something. The next dream I remember thoroughly went like this... there were two buffalo sitting on a mountain ridge looking down at Jamie and me working at the house (the one we were going to move into.) My dream-self was right there, observing the animals from above, while my body was working like a machine. The two buffalo began talking angrily about us working, so one decided to walk down the hillside to confront us. But, along the way, there was a left turn in the road and the buffalo bent down to pluck a deep red amanita muscaria mushroom from the ground and placed it in his mouth. In the same motion, he transformed into a Neanderthal. All the while he was muttering something I don't remember. I knew he had given me an amanita too, and things became confusing and hazy. I was in my body again and unpacking groceries and Christmas presents from my parents, rushing to leave the house before the owners returned to find us there. I'm still working on interpreting that one...

The dream I had on Thursday was strange too, but was a perfect prelude for the weekend. Lots of things were happening all at once, but the main story is that Jamie told me I'd been vanishing recently for two hours at a time, and by vanish he meant literally disappearing into thin air. I didn't remember any of it at first. Then I started to have visions of being transported into outer space. Secrets slowly unwound, but there was just a feeling, not a concrete answer. 

Addendum:  A few minutes after publishing this post, I realized what a strong tangent I went on. I was here to talk about pickles and peppers and gardens, not hot dogs and cavemen. Oops. But hey! I love hearing other people's dreams, so share your wild ones. I know I can't be the only one having crazy visions as of late. 
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