November 30, 2011

turkey soup for a colles fracture

 Whelp. Our stove ran out of propane six months before it was "supposed to" and Jamie broke his wrist falling out of a tree, all on the same day. Lovely. At least we have some bangin' turkey soup to get us by. Backyard turkey soup, that is. The kind you can smell from the barn. Awesomeness.
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November 29, 2011


If there's one sound I don't think I'd be happy living without, it's that of wooly creatures rustling up to my kitchen door and baa-ing until I come say hi. In fact, even better than that is the sound of all six sheep baa-ing their heads off while running towards me if I so much as step outside. Have you ever seen a running sheep? One that's excited because he thinks he's getting dinner? Unlike horses, sheep run in leap-form. They keep both front legs in line and both back legs in line, and leap adorably.

Every time I watch a movie with a flock of sheep my heart skips a beat. Serious sheep love. How can you not love an animal with such a sweet disposition? Just look at Bill's smile in that last picture!!!
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November 27, 2011

dish soap win

Well, it's true that Fels naptha makes a crappy dishsoap. But olive oil soap makes a delicious one. I actually think it'll double as bubble bath. The affordable kind. The bar of soap was $2, and when I buck up and make my own soap, it will be even less expensive. All I did was grate it and whisk it in almost bubbling, steamy-hot water. Eight cups of it to one bar of soap. That's a lot of soap for very little cost. And it works great! All I need to get is one of those pour spout attachments for wine bottles that you use for olive oil...
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November 26, 2011

sometimes it's nice to do girly things

 So I just got through talking about what a recluse I can be, but failed to mention that last weekend a good ol' friend and I went on a lady-date. A lady-date you ask? Oh my! 

Yep, we got our hermit-butts off the couch-bed-kitchen counter and decided to act our age. ( looking at creepy clowns and porcelain dolls.)
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