February 23, 2012

being thankful

We've had lots of help around the farm recently... Jamie's dad and one of his buddies came over to repair a fallen gate and build two new ones on the sides of our hay storage shed. I love how he made both from a fence Jamie grew up having in his front yard. I also love how it says there's a dog in there. I promise you, it's only hay. 

Gene and Steph came over to help build the new chicken coop. It's smack-dab in between our two houses. I can't wait to finish it!  When we were done moving the frame out of the garage, our neighbors came by since it was such a pretty, spring-like evening. They offered us an old window, tar paper, and architectural shingles. I love being able to make use of things that would otherwise just sit around and get old. It's a nice cycle on this farm.

Mitch taught me how to prune the apple trees by the light of the moon, and Dakota helped me unload ten bales of hay from the truck. Cherokee gave Jamie a free pity-haircut.

Brice came by to put some wire over our large metal gate and pound some extra fence posts in. Poor Fuzzy got really sick last week from eating alpaca and sheep poop, so we wanted the barnyard to be dog-proof. But seriously, why do you eat poop silly dog? 

We got a call from Casey at Breezy Willow farm this morning and she said they're donating a CSA share to us this spring. Oh... kind, kind friends and neighbors. Thank you.

ps. Sometimes I get a homesick feeling about Twin Peaks. Is that unhealthy?
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  1. Such a wonderful cycle of kindness and beauty, so happy for you and Jamie! Also, love the tall tree pics xo

  2. woohooooooo mah photo made it on your blog! i iz famis! :)

  3. The Austin clan is signing up for a spring share @ Breezy Willow too and I can't wait to try it out. I have heard so many good things and I LOVE their soap. So happy to see you preparing for spring on the farm. I am trying to get my act together and figure out a larger gardening space that gets more light.

  4. Nice job on the chicken coop!

  5. Melania, thank you! I knew you'd appreciate this post. :)

    Jackie, hi! Breezy Willow is amazing. That family is so generous. I'm sure you'll love it. Good luck with your garden!

    And Harold, thank you. I should admit that the vast majority was built by our neighbor Gene. I'll do the painting. ;)