April 5, 2013

working out back

The yard has been our focus these days... clearing pine needles from the driveway, thinning Vinca vines, trimming back dead flowers, transplanting new ones from the old house, and the biggest project, clearing out our back forest. The threat of invasive species really becomes apparent when you realize that almost every single deciduous tree behind the shed has been killed by strangling vines. They were threatening to fall over on the shed- one actually had already but thankfully did no damage. Jamie has been out there working relentlessly to clear the area and save what trees are still alive. We're not sure what to replant along the hill there though. Any good suggestions for native plants that control erosion and aren't invasive? Anything edible would be ideal. Eventually the back forest will be home to mushroom logs too. It's going to be a goldmine up there...
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  1. Blueberries . . . dwarf apples . . .