January 8, 2014

a girl and her flower seeds

One of the best things about moving to Baltimore was spending time with my sister Astrid. When I got here at the end of October she was hardly walking. She'd take a few steps if distracted by the allure of an object you had (namely tupperware or keys) but crawling around was definitely more her gig since she was able to get from point a to point b at a considerably faster speed. Within weeks though, she had become quite the two legged creature. Tonight I stopped by for a minute and she came toddling up to me, jibber-jabbering away. She turned around, grabbed Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and came trotting back to reach it up to me. When I picked her up she had the proudest smile (which undoubtedly melted my heart) and upon sitting down, wiggled her little body into a contented cuddle. 

These are the things I want to remember... her delicate "hoot" for the owl, her grumble for a lion, her love for all things Olivia, pots and pans on the kitchen floor, dancing to Etta James when mom and dad aren't home, her one-legged toe-tap to the square-dancing music on one of her toys, her squeal when you catch her staring down from the top of the stairs, her "mmmm-mmm-mmm-ing" when she eats, her soft little cheeks, falling asleep together at naptime after singing "I'll Fly Away" for the millionth time, then laying her down in the crib clinging to the quilt I'll never forget stitching for her... 

So much love, dear Astrid, so much love. 
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  1. this is so sweet that you are able to spend time with your sister - that's how I feel about my nieces when I see them.

  2. Very sweet. Thank you for documenting this stage of her life.

  3. Astrid is so sweet. I hate to say the typical cliche, "They grow up so fast" but they really do....remembering all those little special things they do is just part of the fun of watching them grow. She is really looking like a toddler now :) Enjoy all those beautiful moments!