January 13, 2014

inspiration explosion

One of the unexpected results of leaving the relationship I had with Jamie was the urge to express myself artistically. At the farm I had focused on custom orders and photography- both of which are creative- but neither really filled that spot in my heart that desires new work, new characters, new mediums, new expressions of emotion on paper. I want all of the feelings, really. (Meaning of course I still love custom work and photography!) There were times this fall when I'd roll the windows down in the car while it was bitter cold and rainy outside just to feel the wind on my body. To feel more alive amidst a seriously challenging time... I also drew. I meticulously created mandala after mandala to get my hand back and my heart in order. When I moved to Baltimore there was of course an adjustment period where I only worked on commissions. Mostly I spent time soaking up friends and new social settings that are abundant here. 

And then I discovered red ink. And splattered black ink. And gold ink to overlay. Basically I have a love affair with ink these days... And gouache. Good lord I'm obsessed with gouache! As a result of these new discoveries, I've been drawing a series of girls confronting monsters. Except the monsters are kind of love monsters and in my mind they almost perversely puke hearts and joy. I like adding some darkness to my art. Some juxtaposition. Some courage. Most of my work is very open ended though- I like to be able to allow the viewer to have an individualized experience. I'm so thankful to have this ability to express myself on paper. I don't know where I'd be without it. 

Have you been working on anything yourself, regardless of artistic medium? 
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  1. These are amazing. As part of this permaculture journey I started (mostly in my head) over a year ago, I've been gearing up to learn to knit. Cuz, you know, if I learn to knit then I'll HAVE to get sheep. Hehe. Anyway, I've learned the knit stitch. I'm drooling over hat patterns now, although I have a huge appreciation for anyone who can turn rows of knit (and purl) stitches into a hat. I am not there yet. And I realize it may be a long time before I can make a hat, but I'm in it for the long haul! These drawings are great, and I love hearing your thoughts on where they come from.

  2. McKenzie, I'm so happy for you! I've been silently following your blog the last few months, and I can only say that you're very brave, and I wish you the best on this new chapter of your life. I've been in a situation similar to yours (many years ago) and I know how freeing it feels, and the bursts of creativity you get. Make the most of it, as I'm really enjoying all the new art you've been posting :)

    Also, I'm very excited to see you finally got some gouache!!! Do you find my description accurate? Feel free to email me again if you want to talk art supplies, hehe! Hugs :*

  3. I have been digging into fibers to stay warm in the winter - yarn for crocheting and knitting, fabric for sewing. Glad that you have tons of inspiration and creativity - to live!!

  4. Love seeing your creativity come alive again!! Beautiful images!! Rach :)