June 20, 2014

a huge thank you (and some mulberry galettes)

Words just don't cut it. I am so thankful for your support and understanding in the comments of my last post. This whole year has been utterly confusing, and moments of weakness, guilt, insecurity, etc. have popped up constantly. Thank you for reading through ramblings that I'll probably read through with much criticism in the coming years. I once read a blog post by someone who had gone through her own fair share of hardship (albeit both of ours, incomparable to most of the agonizing hardship going on all over the world right now) and she said that she wouldn't delete past posts because they were honest to the moment and told part of a bigger story and no one is perfect and it's good to admit that and provide a platform for others to grow along with you. So anyway, thank you for sticking around. I'm lucky and wish I had the motivation to communicate with each and every one of you more personally, but alas (surely you understand) the computer sucks up so much time and the weather is beautiful and there are mulberries to pick.


Mulberries. Did you know there are multiple varieties? I didn't! I've only ever seen the dark purple kind like in these pictures, but the girls and I went to the park and found a light violet variety that's even sweeter! Simple memories of stuffing our cheeks with sweet berries will never escape me. Matt climbed the tree and shook hundreds of them down onto a blanket that hardly caught any. Instead we plucked them off the crunchy leaves underfoot. Our limbs were sticky with purple juice, and the next day I made little mulberry galettes. Just a basic pate brisee dough and the filling was eyeballed- flour, lemon juice, sugar, cream. Baked at 425. They were seriously amazing, and possibly the best pies I've ever tasted. Something about mulberries and their subtle sweetness complimenting the slightly salty flaky dough... Later in the week the girls and I made the same little pies. It's really fun to teach them step-by-step recipes, all the while teaching them that it's okay to eyeball things. 

Also, a few fun five year old quotes:

(using the hose to wash away bubbles from the backyard and singing a song about how they're boys, stops suddenly and whispers in my ear) "But I actually like boys..."

"McKenzie, with my socks on, your thighs feel like a soft blanket. Do you comb them every morning?" (Huh?) "I'm trying to make a JOKE! They're actually like two big melons."

(finds a Micron pen in the car for the fifth time) "MCKENZIE!!! This is like the millionth time I've found this pen and every time you're you say sorry but then you lose it again and then I find it!" 

(After giving her an apple and a banana) "You do everything for us. Like give us showers. Just putting that out there..."

(Putting laundry in the dryer with me, runs upstairs to get something) "Don't you DARE do all that laundry! Save some for me!" 

"I didn't eat the milkdud at school cause it got hanitizer on it."
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  1. oh my goodness -- 5 year olds say the best things! my 5 year old nieces stayed with us last weekend and one kept calling the neighbor's apricot tree everything but an apricot: avocados, bikinis, zucchinis, achinis, and aprichinis ...

  2. Oh my God, I love five-year-olds. And, once again, your pictures are so lovely it hurts. In the good way, of course. :) I really want to take my Canon out and about sometime soon and get some practice on it. I basically have no idea how to use it, I just kind of do things and pictures happen.