June 27, 2014

girls can be ninjas too

It's really really really fun to be given a project and illustrate it. How does one slip into the world of editorial illustrating, I ask? I would never have felt confident enough to do anything like that a couple of years ago, but now a task like, "draw ninjas and maybe even red trees with purple leaves with eyes in them and five full moons and a spaceship airlock" is totally exciting. More to come for my personal use... ninjas catching fireflies against a purple sky I think. 
The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Inventions
By Chris Toll

The laboratory in the flying saucer
is so bright and sterile.
The werewolf can't find a place to hide.
He crouches beside the circular hatch.
Soon the floor will be awash in purple ichor.
His captors are about to learn
just how wrong things can go
when a full moon rides the night sky.

The Special Agent has lost so much.
She holds a flashlight and a 9mm pistol
and kicks open a door open.
She wishes she could pray to God-
but all she believes in
is what she can capture in her beam of light.

The ninjas glide through the corridors of a starship.
The pilot turns
and finds her head ringed by the tips of seven swords.
The starship lands in a clearing.
The ninjas slip out of the airlock
and enter the forest.
The trees have red bark and purple leaves.
Each leaf has a mouth and howls at the five moons.

I'm the clouds drifting over your roof.
I'm the traffic streaming past your windows.
I'm the floorboards creaking beneath your shoes.
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  1. Dear McKenzie,
    I just found your blog via blog where you were interviewed about your blog. :)
    From what I can ascertain, you've had a tumultuous year. I'm a stranger to you but I wanted to just say that I've found your blog (of the last 10 months or so) very inspiring. I haven't gone back further and probably won't. You remind me a bit of my sister who is your age and is also an artist. Thank you for continuing to blog. You have many gifts.
    Dana Laviano
    New Hampshire